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Henderson Fine Rug and Restoration is a small, hands on cleaning rug plant in Henderson NV serving the Vegas Valley. My name Jim Sparkman and I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide you with information about Oriental and contemporary area rug cleaning. I have had the privilege of cleaning some of the finest rugs in the world and the honor to clean side by side with the best rug cleaners in the trade.

When your valued rugs need fine hand cleaning or repair, you can count on Henderson Fine Rugs and Restoration to deliver the ultimate in service. We remove dirt, allergens, toxins and even tackle the most stubborn pet stains revitalizing the beauty and adding years of life to your rug. Call or contact us online for rug cleaning Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada services, you will be extremely pleased that you did!

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Reasons Rugs Should Not Be Cleaned in The Home

Rugs cleaned in the home are not thoroughly cleaned, and in most cases, long-term damage will occur to woven textiles. Reasons for not cleaning rugs in the home.

No Inspection

Every rug that comes through our plant regardless of value gets a through and systematic inspections that includes ultra violet for urine detection, dye stability test, microscopic inspection for dry rot and mold. Finally, the rug is tested for fabric and construction verification.

No dusting

This is a critical step to proper rug cleaning. A wool rug and a most of area rugs can hold pounds of dirt and grit before they begin to look dirty. When a cleaner does not dust a rug before cleaning and moisture is added the dust and grit that is embedded turns to mud. With surface cleaning the rug may appear clean on the surface but this process leaves soil and chemical residue in the foundation of the rug. This embedded soil and reside can lead to brittleness akin to “dry rot” which causes the warps and wefts in the rug to crack and break. We use a three-step system of vacuuming, vibration and compressed air to remove as much dirt as possible before cleaning begins.

No Rinsing

When a rug is surfaced cleaned in the home, the concerns to cleaner is to avoid bleeding the dyes and to not create any problems with the flooring underneath the rug. This usually leads to a quicker cleaning to “freshen up” the rug with little or no rinsing. This causes measurable soil and solution residue to be left behind in the rug. Plant rug washing is the best way to remove the most residue and additional soil that has been released from the rug foundation during cleaning process. 

No Time

When a cleaner is in the home cleaning a rug, he usually has other jobs to do. No time to worry about dry time or fringe cleaning or if the rug might bleed during the drying stage. And if the rug is wool, which does smell when it is damp to not get it too wet to avoid the smell. The fewer steps, the better, especially if the cleaner has limited knowledge about Oriental rugs. Plant cleaning allows us to spend more time being thorough with specific systematic cleaning steps and the use of better tools and solutions. If anything does go wrong, it also gives an opportunity to correct the problem.



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We use state of the art carpet care and cleaning equipment.



We offer a 48 hour turn around service on any size rug.


  • 2×3 Restored/Natural Red Brown Machine Woven Wool PN870

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