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Rug Cleaning Las Vegas

Henderson Fine Rug and Restoration offers a professional hand on rug cleaning in Las Vegas. Your rugs require proper and regular cleaning to increase their lifespan in perfect condition. Therefore, when your rug needs a fine hand cleaning and/or repair, you can rely on Henderson Fine Rugs & Restoration to offer reliable services that are locally and West Coast known to be a top service company. Being one of the best rug cleaners in Las Vegas, we remove dirt, allergens and toxins as well as remove stubborn pet stains from your rug to improve the appearance and lifespan of your rugs. Learn more about our Las Vegas rug cleaning services and how our methodical process is truly better than the competition.

Best Rug Cleaning In Las Vegas

Put Your Treasured Area Rugs In The Hands of Trusted Experts

Henderson Fine Rug & Restoration Hand Rug Cleaning Process

Although the process is time-consuming and labor intensive, our hand rug cleaning process is a 5-step process that guarantees the best rug cleaning Las Vegas results. Professional cleaning of rugs ensures that the right cleaning method is used to remove dirt and stains from your rug. Rugs are made using different materials. Therefore, the choice of cleaning solutions and cleaning method may determine the lifespan of your rug. Since we have been offering rug cleaning Las Vegas for a long period of time, we know what to use to get the best results without destroying the rug. Our five-step rug cleaning process involves:

Las Vegas Rug Cleaning

Dusting: This step involves a combination of vacuuming, vibration and powerful compression of air with the use of professional tools and equipment to remove dust and dry particles trapped within the rug fibers. This process is very important during rug cleaning because it facilitates cleaning and prevents soiling when the rug is wet during cleaning.

Submersion & Hand Washing:

This involves soaking the rugs in a continuous flow of water that is mixed with a mild pH neutral cleansing agent to clean the rug. The rugs are soaked and then hand washed until they are clean using appropriate cleaning solutions. The cleaning solutions used are mainly determined by the fiber material of your rug. Rugs that have stubborn contaminants e.g. pet urine and stains are soaked into the cleaning solution for a longer period of time to guarantee complete removal of these contaminants and stains. When hand cleaning the rugs, they are gently brushed and squeezed to ensure that all contaminants are removed before the rugs are rinsed.

Rinsing: Rinsing follows thorough cleaning to ensure that no contaminants or cleaning solutions remain on the rug. To rinse the rugs thoroughly, the rug is rolled on a rug suction cylinder and then rinsed using fresh water to remove all cleaning solutions. After the rug is rinsed completely, it remains on the suction cylinder until all the residual water is removed. Finally, the rug is then hand suctioned with special equipment to remove as much water as possible before being hung to dry.

Controlled Drying: Having a fast and efficient drying is very important after cleaning your rugs because molds and mildew can develop on your rug. Therefore, to ensure that the rugs dry fast and effectively, controlled drying in a heated room is used. This process involves a combination of air circulation, heat and dehumidifying process for a period of 12-24 hours to ensure that the rugs dry completely.

Post Detailing: This is the last step and it involves cleaning and restoring all fringes with the use of a specially designed tool. The rugs are then vacuumed, dusted, groomed and inspected to check whether they have any remaining stains.

About Las Vegas, Nevada

Located in the Mojave Desert of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas is the largest city in the US state of Nevada. The name Las Vegas means meadows in Spanish and it was given to the area in 1821 by Rafael Rivera. Rivera was a member of the Antonio Armijo trading party and while they were travelling to Los Angeles, they stopped for water since most parts of the valley had artesian wells. The city is about 352 sq. KM and has a population of more than half a million people as at 2016. Since the city is located near a desert, it has a subtropical hot desert climate with long summers which are very hot, warm transitional seasons and short, mild to chilly winter seasons.

Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada: There are numerous of indoor and outdoor activities you can engage in when you visit or live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some of the things you can do include:

Hiking – the city is ringed by canyons and mountains which offer ideal hiking sites throughout the year
Air, helicopter and balloon tours – this is an outdoor activity where you can be able to see Las Vegas while on a balloon or helicopter tour
Sight-seeing – there are numerous landmarks you can visit while in Las Vegas. Some of these landmarks include Hoover dam, stratosphere tower, high roller and the LINQ promenade
Day trips – there are also day trips to various destinations such as Red Rock Canyon Tour, Hoover dam tour etc.
Night tours – with the city having numerous nightclubs, a night tour can include attending a star concert, getting a drink, going for a date, go to circus among other activities
Watch dancing waters – this is one of the eye-catching attraction in Las Vegas at Bellagio. The geysers offer a spectacular view which is worth experiencing when you are in Las Vegas
Gambling – Las Vegas is considered as one of the cities with numerous casinos. You can have a wide variety of games from table games, Baccarat, poker etc.

It is evident that there are numerous activities that you can engage in while in Las Vegas. Your choice will mainly be determined by your preference, budget and purpose of your visit among other factors. You just need to spend some time researching to know what you can do and your best destination.

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